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LifeStyle Coordination for Aging Adults

Helping you stay in your own home

Caring for our aging parents and family members can be a stressful and emotional time. Caregivers are often overwhelmed with questions and concerns:

  • How do I know mom is talking with her doctor about health problems?
  • What kinds of services can be provided in the home to help keep mom safe?
  • Dad can't live alone anymore- what is next?
  • I live 2000 miles away and want to make sure mom and dad are really okay.
  • As a caregiver are you feeling tired and overwhelmed trying to balance your roles?

Our program ensures that your loved one is getting the assistance they need to live a safe, enriched life.

Care Coordination Services

Care Coordinators meet with the person and their family in their own home and conduct a confidential, comprehensive assessment to identify concerns and provide service recommendations. Our Care Coordinator can review diagnoses; perform a medication reconciliation; conduct a Fall Rise assessment; observe how the person is managing daily activities in their home; and conduct a Home Safety Assessment.

A written care plan will provide you with enough information so you can feel confident making the best decisions for your loved one. You choose the service providers you want and your Care Coordinator will coordinate and monitor these services for you.

A Care Coordinator is a liaison between the individual, family members, providers, doctors and other professionals.

We provide short and long-term assistance to families, whether near or far, quickly altering families of urgent situations or everyday well-being updates.

Your Care Coordinator

Your Care Coordinator

The goal of a Care Coordinator is to help keep people living in their own home as long as possible, delaying or avoiding nursing home placement. The Care Coordinator is interested in your well-being and responds to your needs.

A Care Coordinator is your advocate and boots on the ground coordinator for individuals and families who are able to privately fund needed services.

Care Coordination is a service provided by trained professionals who assess needs, coordinate services, and guide you through the complex world of public and private social service supports, insurance, financial information and more.

Resource Linkage

Resource Linkage

Resource Linkage is a subsidiary of SWIRCA & More. This connection gives our Care Coordinator a wealth of resources, support and experience.

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