SAWs® (Servants at Work, Inc.) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization founded in 2003. Originally started in Indianapolis, SAWs now serves clients throughout Indiana, as well as Arizona and Virginia. SAWs specializes in building wooden wheelchair ramps and for individuals living with permanent or long-term disabilities in low-income households. SAWs ramps are no cost to the clients, ever.

With the support of our donors and volunteers, in less than six hours, a custom-built SAWs ramp can transform a client's life. After a SAWs ramp is built at their home, 90% of clients describe accessing their home as "easy" and 67% of clients can access their home independently. SAWs ramps are gateways, re-opening the possibilities of connecting with neighbors and the community, and helping clients choose to remain living in their own homes. In 2021, SAWs celebrated serving their 3000th client, and are excited about growing to serve more clients every year.

SWIRCA and SAWs are proud partners in building freedom and accessibility for those who need a safe way to enter and exit their homes. Learn more about SAWs at

For more information on how to get involved or how you can apply contact our ADRC at (812) 464-7817 or 1-866-400-0779.

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