SWIRCA & More Special Needs Pooled Trust

SWIRCA & More Special Needs Pooled Trust

SWIRCA & More is proud to offer a trust specifically designed for the elderly and disabled. Our Pooled Trust offers a way for you to provide for your loved one. Through the trust, the purchase of supplemental items and services are authorized to meet your loved one's need and wants, without fearing that your trust resources will make the beneficiary ineligible for government benefits.

Examples of supplemental needs:

  • Cable TV
  • Transportation
  • Recreation Expenses
  • Travel Expenses
  • Supplies
  • Unpaid Medical Bills
  • Caregiver Reimbursements

Important Facts:

  1. Funds put into the Pooled Trust do NOT count as an asset for Medicaid or other government benefits.
  2. The Pooled Trust is very easy to set up and SWIRCA & More will walk you through it.
  3. Medicaid has no look-back period for funds put into the Pooled Trust for individuals under age 65.
  4. Minimum contribution to set up a trust is $10,000.
  5. The funds in the trust are easy to access. Just contact SWIRCA & More and we take care of the rest.
  6. Old National Bank Wealth Management is the Trustee.
  7. A Trust can be set up with the beneficiaries own funds, through a gift, will, contract or agreement to fund the trust.
  8. You can also choose to fund a trust for someone else who has a physical or mental impairment. The SWIRCA & More Special Needs Pooled Trust is available for qualified beneficiaries regardless of location throughout all of Indiana.

Benefits of a Pooled Trust:

A Pooled Trust can provide peace of mind that contributions will last throughout a lifetime. Some of the benefits of allowing SWIRCA & More to manage your loved one's trust are:

  • Ease of access to funds
  • Someone else manages the dollars
  • The resources are used for only supplemental needs
  • Continuity of management will exist even if the family member moves out of the area, becomes disabled or dies
  • Experienced management skills and knowledge of current government regulations

You can lean on our experienced, highly trained team to advocate on you loved one's behalf. SWIRCA & More has been serving the families of Southwestern Indiana since 1974 and the Pooled Trust was created in 2002 to meet specific needs of the elderly and disabled.

For more information, contact Jillian Hall at 812-492-7441.